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School dances, whether it’s a smaller night in the gym or the big one. Prom Night off campus, all are special opportunities to create a life-long memory.  Let Complete Music help make that special event the best it could and should be!

We have very popular packages that fit in most school budgets but we LOVE to customize your event! A school dance is an opportunity to make your own statement . With a fully customized sound and lighting package.

YOU the ability can say that you everyone had a phenomenal time and NO ONE ELSE had a dance like yours!


Complete Music is the master of specialty dances. Icebreakers such as the Electric Slide and Cha-Cha Slide will get everybody participating in the fun. Newer ones like the Cupid Shuffle, Soulja Boy, Crank dat Batman and Mississippi Slide are guaranteed floor packers. Our DJs are fully trained to know what songs to play and how to get participation which means more people will join in the party and more of them will have a fun evening. At your request, your professional Complete Music DJcan use fun icebreaker dances to get your guests involved and having fun at your dance.