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The great tradition of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah continues into the 21st Century as a religious ceremony and landmark event. The young man or woman is now ready to enter society as a prominent and respected member of the Jewish community.

The reception can be a simple luncheon, a lavish dinner, or something in between. The planning that goes into producing such a party must be done with intelligence, sensitivity and – most important – with attention to your thoughts and insights.

Nothing can replace our 35 years of experience. Complete Music works closely with you and your family to create the perfect celebration. We ask you pertinent questions concerning your ideas, entertainment options, budget and how you envision your event.

After formulating an efficient and reliable game plan, we begin the complex process of determining exactly what is needed to produce a stress-free party that will be both memorable and exciting. Our comprehensive array of talent and our up-to-the-minute knowledge of current trends means that we can include the latest innovations at your Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

We utilize our talents to produce a professional and child-friendly event, and we don’t blast the music so loudly that you can’t speak to your guests! (we’re adult-friendly, too!) By creating a relaxed and congenial atmosphere, we allow your guests to fully enjoy your reception. We also make sure your child gets special attention and recognition.

Please remember that we can customize your event to suit you. You can be as involved in the process as you like. You can be completelyinvolved in the format and flow of your event or you can let us organize some, or all, of the event for you.

The choice is yours! Even during the event, if you decide you would like more or less of a certain music style, icebreakers, or anything at all, just let the DJ know at any time. You are our customer, and we want to please you! Following is a recap of some of the services and options we offer which helps us achieve our two goals.

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We take great pride in being America’s largest and most respected DJ service. We have two very important goals we want to accomplish at your event:

1. Everything runs smoothly and according to your plans.
2. All your friends and family tell you what a great time they had at your event.

If you enjoy the type dances that get your guests involved in the celebration, Complete Music is the master of specialty dances. Icebreaker dances are dances your DJ can use to get a lot of people participating in the fun of your evening.

Our DJs are fully trained to know what songs to play and how to get participation which means more of your family and friends will join in the celebration and more of them will have a fun evening. At your request, your professional Complete Music DJ can use fun icebreaker dances to get your guests involved and having fun at your dance.


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